Sunday, April 4, 2010

lost without a compass

Izzy thought she heard her bones crack. Honestly, it felt like it. The pain was excruciating. And she was in a sweat, laying in bed. Sun hadn't even risen yet, and there she was in their tropical little adventure, just like Dev wanted, to experience the island. A cheap rental, no doubt.

It was humid and there were bugs. Two things she wasn't pleased about. Naturally, she'd heard a tale- there were no such things as bugs on the island. Tourists must have brought them because they weren't native to the region. Someone was definitely wrong about the information, but at least she wasn't itchy yet. With this wide open space, about, anything was possible.

Anything was possible.

What the fuck had she done to feel... not herself?

They'd walked around most of the day on the beach. In the shops. Wind blown hair to bits. And then Dev wanted sex. Of course, later. After drinks. After dinner. More drinks. A party with some American frat guys that, surely were up to no good. She thought Dev might lose all their cash in a poker game, but at long last she promised they would go skinny dipping in the ocean. And they did in the deep of  night. Except, it wasn't quite as delish as she'd imagine.

Naturally, he told her she just didn't enjoy living which started a spat... that was before he had to rescue her when a wave swallowed her. She hung on to him for dear life, after that.

Izzy did want to experience everything with Dev. She did. So they kissed and fucked on the shore in the nips of waves. Heaving in and out and finally a smile set in. Yes, it was living, and he was the one she loved.

Of course, Dev went to bed caked in sand. It didn't matter to him. Still it was just a bit much for Izzy. But he'd slept soundly. She had a feeling he could find a bed out of anything and snore undisturbed for hours.

But as it was. The morning light was slowly slicing through the night. And Izzy's thick eyelashes fluttered. Something was different. She didn't know what. Perhaps she was coming down with something. She was pouring sweat and her bones ached as if age had settled in, and she might be lodged in a bed of cement. She could hardly move.

She took a breath of the salty sea air. The winds rushed all night and now they were dying down. It was barely morning. Izzy almost cracked an eye open. Something was odd, but what? She looked down at the edge of the bed. Was that her toe? It looked bigger under the covers. She sighed. Looked over at Dev who had his back to her, in the buff. His sweet ass still had sand on it, like a dusted pastry.

Izzy couldn't help but smile. She was happy with herself as she relived the moment. She'd finally had an orgasm. Finally. She wasn't sure she'd tell him because, he might start to brag. Seriously, it was a pleasant surprise. She hadn't screamed or shouted about it. God knows they'd been at it for months now. It was more of a bubble of happiness she'd apparently ridden out or maybe Dev just popped it in the end. Something like that.

Izzy nibbled at her bottom lip, happy. But then she felt as if something was lodged in her throat. A brick perhaps. Her eyes opened wide. Was she breathing? What was the matter with her?

She touched her throat. Yes, she might have swallowed a fish. A lump. Cancer? At her age? 19 and doomed. Evidently. She cringed, wondering if she'd caught a mysterious disease in the ocean.

She leaned up on her elbows then. Well, where were her breasts? Granted, they were not huge, but still, she had them. Dev took to them as if they were his property. She blinked. This was fucking impossible. She woke up in the wrong body, evidently. Izzy winced then. Nothing was right. Not even her thumbs. They were man thumbs and that wasn't the only man thing.

She sat up then at the edge of the bed. There it was, hard and happy to see her, and it did not want to pee.

She was holding it, and it felt so alive as if it could easily entertain her if she let it. Izzy squinted so, holding it as if to get to know it better. Izzy shivered then. She was suddenly cold because there was nothing at all female about this. Izzy looked across the bare floor for clothes. Dev's jeans, his island shirt. Izzy grabbed what she/he could and went straight to the bathroom. Who in the hell was this person?

He clicked on the bathroom light just to see there was nothing feminine left. Was that stubble coming in? Fair and light, but still it had a sharp edge. A bit like what Dev tried to grow.


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This is EXTREMELY well-written. And the cliffhanger has left me hungry for more - amazing start!! :)

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