Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ear shot

Izzy bought some sunshades and walked around, looking at newspapers to see if their were any freaky disappearances. Just a shark attack. That really set well with her. Him. Jesus, Izzy didn't know what to consider being now. There was still the sun to contend with. It was getting late. Almost noon.

Izzy hung around outside the hut hoping Dev would get up sooner or later. By the look on her phone it was later. Like, half-past noon.

Finally, he stirred.

"Fuck!" He said it so many times. Izzy was beginning to wonder if that was the only word he knew. She guessed he was upset. It upset Izzy to, to think he might be furious with her. Then she figured he was upset about his clothes. He said aloud, "I'm gonna let that lass have it! How dare she go off like this for a wash. Can't she see I didn't pack as it was." He stomped around a good bit.

Izzy found something to smile about. The bloke hated to try on new clothes as it was. He would rather borrow or steal before actually making a real purchase. As it was, he wore what ever his brother didn't like anymore. Of course, according to Dev, Drew was a puff, and he had to be careful what he picked from his wardrobe. No way would he be gayed up.

Next thing Izzy saw was Dev, squeezed into her tan yoga pants. He was a fitty so he could make anything do. All though, he looked a bit like the Incredible Hulk..well..a much smaller version, bare footed and messy dark curls, everywhere.

"Excuse me, miss." Izzy overheard Dev stop a maid who wanted to do housekeeping on their room. Naturally, the woman didn't speak English. Dev did his best to ask for Izzy's wear-abouts, but of course, he got nothing. Izzy could tell he was getting pissed now.

Of course, Izzy stayed out  of sight, listening to Dev fume. She couldn't make out if he was just mad that she was wasting his time or the fact that she was gone.


ellie said...

That must have been interesting to notice. Poor Dev.

Holly said...

I feel bad for both of them.

meg said...

I do wonder how Dev will handle this.

Sol said...

Lovely story, btw i love the name Izzy.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think that both of them have issues they need to work out. :/

Meg said...

Ahh, I wonder what will happen next!

fan fic said...

I do wonder where this is going.

Winnie said...

Intrigueing! I wonder what is going to happen between them.