Sunday, April 18, 2010


Dev was starting to hyperventilate. Where in the hell was Izzy? He'd looked down at the vending machines. Even where the washing machines were, but there was some lady with a  naked three year old. He didn't ask what that was about.

If Izzy was out shopping, he wanted to choke her. Hadn't they done enough of the shops, already? What in the world would she be needing?

He crossed his arms. Didn't have a shirt to his name. This was what you called traveling light. He paced around the room. Checked his phone for messages. Nothing.

Well, he was ready to call house security. Then they'd look at him like a dumb ass. A dumb ass who couldn't keep up with lass. But as the minutes wore on, he was starting to get nervous. Why in the hell did they take this trip? They never went anywhere. Hardly, college students at that. He worked at the pub. She worked at the boutique. They'd known each other since school. Of course, she hadn't really noticed him until his last year of football. But it had sorted itself out with the bunch they went to the pub with. Some of them had bigger and better plans, but in the end, it was romance that truly played a part in it. And he was glad it was her because she was a good listener, and she laughed at his jokes. Her skin was milky and sweet. True, she was a bit of a sickly thing, but she was somewhere between his two top celebrity crushes, Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman. Yeah, he could dream, right?

He looked at the clock. It was going on 3 in the afternoon. Had she left without him? What had he done to deserve this? It was swell last night. Being together on the beach. She'd made just one of his fantasies come true. Sex on the beach.

He smiled as he thought about it. He didn't really see it happening, but when he almost lost her in the water, she seemed much more susceptible to his idea. And he knew it was good for her. He could tell. He knew when it happened. She felt different this time. Not so on edge. As if she had to watch the clock like back homw. Make sure they cleaned up and were out of the bedroom before her sister came home from school. The usual three o'clock madness. Which generally ended with a game of Grand Theft Auto. He knew it could be better. The sex. He knew it. And it was. This was the way he wanted it, all the time. They just needed their on place.

But now, she was gone. What the fuck was she up too?

He winced, grabbed his cell and hit direct dial.

"Hullo." This was not Izzy.

The male voice startled him.

"Who the fuck is this?" Dev shouted into the phone. He waited for an answer as his heart rushed in. This was all wrong. Something was wrong. It was as if he'd woke up to find himself in quicksand, just to notice he was sinking and there was no way out. He stomped about. Wincing tears practically. Someone had Izzy. Why didn't he worry sooner?

There was a long silence.

"Hullo?" Dev shot back.

"Uh." The male voice was slow to react. "Um, I found this phone on the beach."

"Where? On the beach?" Dev's eyes were startled even more so. The thought of Izzy drowning, or was it something worse? Had she meant to walk into the ocean? So many scenarios suddenly filled his mind.

"Um, I'm not sure, just a little ways where the diner is." This person said. "Do you want to meet me there? I could- I could give it back to you."

"Sure. Its my girlfriend's. You have my girlfriend's phone." Dev knew time was wasting. He should have called the cops, already.


ellie said...

what a shock for him.

misty said...

makes me a bit jumpy.

meg said...

dev must be so nervous.

Holly said...

wow, that would be a shock, for sure.

axel said...

that would be scary waiting on Izzy..wondering where she is.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I really hope Izzy is okay. :/

jeremy's turn said...

wow, Dev is such a guy.