Thursday, April 22, 2010

just a disaster in the making

Izzy was closer than he wanted Dev to know. He was practically on the outside looking in.

What could he tell him what was up?

Really, Izzy wanted to just figure this out. Go home. Forget this shit ever happened. But as it was, he still had a hard on to contend with and really, his appetite was getting the best of him. Of course, Izzy really didn't know when he decided to forget all this female business. Perhaps it had to do when he looked at himself in the mirror and that waitress kept referring to him as sir, or that fine young man  with the unmanageable hair.. back at the diner when he just wanted to hide in the back booth. Of course, the waitress had to push him to the right restroom.

Men's restrooms were horrible. Unlike the fresh women's restroom. It was not pleasant and Izzy had ended up at the beach again, just staring at the sea. Would he ever get off this island? Would there ever be normal, again.

And of course those little woes of losing Dev for good. The horror of how he'd certainly have a melt down if he knew. But what should he do? Let him believe Izzy was gone?

Izzy sat there on the beach watching the new tide roll in.  Bitter tears stung his face, imagining how Dev might feel if he thought the worst. That something had happened to her. Well, they'd clear it up. He'd just meet him at the diner and see what happened. As it was, it was almost time for an early supper. He could really use a good meal. Just couldn't starve himself.

So he trotted ahead of Dev. Gave him a good fifteen minutes or so to get there. He couldn't imagine what Dev might find to wear of his. Something definitely pink. Oh, it would be fun to let Dev's feminine side show.

"You again, " the waitress looked Izzy over. "Are you lost?" She was a native with her hair in a long dark braid. She was the motherly type, but her English was good.

Izzy just smiled as he dug into a salad, heavy on the blue cheese and waited for some hot tea. He looked up to see Dev in a pale pink wife beater, stretched out and the tan yoga pants. He was barefooted.

Izzy smiled more. Of course, Dev hadn't a clue who to look for. Finally, Izzy waved the pink phone from the back booth. Dev gave him a wince, but hesitated. He finally walked back and just looked Izzy over.

"How did you-"

Izzy showed him the picture of him and Izzy together from the pink phone. He slid in the booth then.

"Where did you find it?" Dev wanted to know as if he needed this answer to relay to the cops.

"Near the bungalows." Izzy started. Dev reached for it then, but Izzy wouldn't give him the phone. It was as if it were his/her only lifeline left. "Wait!"

"What the fuck!" Dev squinted in disgust as if what sort of wanker was he.

"Dev, please! Just shut it and hear me out." Izzy glared at him.

"What!" Dev looked around. "Who are you?" He squinted hard then.

"Its me." Izzy whispered.

"Me? What the fuck do mean, by that?" Dev smirked.


"Izzy? Shit. You've done something with my bird, haven't you? You crazy, fuck!" Dev shook his head as if he were ready to jump up and tell everyone who would listen that this bloke had lost the plot and had done something to his girl, or reach across the table and choke him.

"No. I swear to God, Luv, its me!" Izzy whispered. She grabbed ahold of Dev's hand tightly. He squirmed with disgust.

"Look." Izzy grabbed the lapel of Dev's shirt he was wearing. 'Who do you think who's clothes I'm wearing, babe?"

"Just- shut it with the babe and luv crap. I'm not puff!" Dev was getting more angry but Izzy wouldn't let go.

"Don't go! Don't leave me like this, will you." Izzy frowned. Dev sat their nervously staring at Izzy. Their pot of tea finally arrived.


ellie said...

I hope Izzy can persuade Dev.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope they can work it out. Izzy really needs Dev. :(

misty said...

I hope he'll listen to Izzy.

Cait said...

I hope Dev will help.

Joellen said...

Dev needs to calm down and hear Izzy out! Loved the suspense

jacob's tale said...

Dev is such a guy.