Wednesday, April 28, 2010

jerking back and forth

Dev was sour on the world. Really, he was a pitiful sight. He  stared at his beer wondering just how he'd get through this. It was the end of them. Truly, it was. And to think he was hoping Izzy would want his kid. He had wanted to tell his son one day that he'd been conceived on a tropical island, right in the sea, in fact.

Dev grieved seriously. It would not happen now. Never. Not with Izzy, anyway.

Oddly, how his mind worked. A part of him believed Izzy was still somewhere out there. Kidnapped perhaps. But then when he thought how she might be buried under a reef and how they might not find parts of her until years from now, he felt glad that she was at least alive. Even if that was not her body. It was not.

It bothered him even more that maybe Izzy would be just jammy with all the skirts. Especially with that wanker.

Dev's chest ached. It was all so wrong. What the fuck, happened?

Well, either way he looked at Izzy now. Izzy was gay. Completely. Didn't matter if he had a go with females or shared some common interest with males. He was gay. It was all gay to Dev. The way he looked at it. And Dev was not about to have anything to do with that. He'd help him back to the village. After that, they were done. Didn't know how he could break it gently to him. Maybe he wouldn't have too.

Dev would wash his hands of this soon enough. It would take loads of alcohol to do it. But it could be done. And he was starting right now.

"I think I need another jar a lager." He said as soon as he could, staring at an empty glass.


Karoline said...

Really? You write a novel-blog? How exating!
To bad I have'nt read the whole thing:(
Thanks for your comment though.

ellie said...

I do love how this is progressing. Hopefully, Dev will be there for Izzy...after all.

so jade said...

Dev has to grow up. He just has to for Izzy.

Jeremy's Turn said...

He needs to stop feeling so sorry for himself.

fan fic said...

Dev has stop drinking. He's drinking too much.

Cafe Fashionista said...

If Dev doesn't stop drinking then Izzy needs to simply say goodbye. He's no good for her when he's not sober. :/

Melissa said...

Okay, I just got caught up!