Saturday, May 1, 2010

without a chance

All Izzy wanted was to feel pretty. It had to be somewhere there as she/he looked into the eyes of this different person. The eyeliner went on. Seriously, he thought he could get a really big role in Clock Work Orange if it were ever a musical.

Izzy winced then and felt just awful. A complete cow. Yes. A complete cow. She was alone back at the room. After all the makeup, she rubbed it off and kept the face as it was. She pulled off the floral dress she'd finally decided on and reached for the cargo shorts that Dev didn't like, and slipped on a dark T that said Paradise on it.

It would have to do. That and the soft flip-flops that Dev kept calling his tities because they were soft as tits, he said. Naturally, he wasn't here to shout about her wearing his stuff once again. Izzy went out in the hall then and waved down a maid.

"Look, I have this dress I won't be needing, could you use it?" Izzy offered the woman the floral dress.

She was pleased with the gift and left. Izzy tried to smile, thinking how would it be when he/she got home. All the changes. How would his little sis feel? Would she feel uncomfortable with him around? What was he to do? Could he possibly still have that job at the boutique? Yes, the more Izzy thought... He came to mind. He just had to get used to himself. Of course, Dev hadn't came back until very late.

"I thought you were going to come and get me?" Dev reeked of alcohol.

"I looked for you and you weren't at that bar. How many did you go to?" Izzy glared at him.

"I dunno." Dev looked at him ,sleepily. "Who the fuck are you?"

"Jesus, Dev, you know who I am. Don't you dare pull this shit on the plane. We gotta go. Tonight." Izzy winced.

Dev just gave him a scowl. He fell back on the bed then as if he needed a good nap, or Izzy could just carry him to the damn plane.

"Why the fuck do you have to be a prick about this! You knew what we decided." Izzy sighed.

Dev shook his head.

"Just leave it, will you. Maybe I could catch one tomorrow." Dev held himself up on his elbows for a moment.

"Don't be daft. We're going! Now. I need you." Izzy's eyes lit.

"No. You don't need a thing from me." Dev shook his head.

"And I say I do." Izzy lifted him up by his shirt then. "We are going home." Izzy meant it. Even if it meant Dev kicking and screaming.


ellie said...

gotta get rough sometimes.

cass and cady said...

Oh..I do wonder how it'll be once they get home.

Holly said...

That was nice Izzy gave the dress away. Hope he keeps Dev in line.

degrassi after hours said...

such a trying time.

fan fic said...

so complicated.