Wednesday, May 5, 2010

finding their way

Naturally, Dev had a swelled frown as they made their way through the terminal to the plane. Thankfully, the guard shrugged Izzy off. They were good to go. He guessed the man thought he was looking at a boy in the picture. And now Izzy was a man.

"See, it was nothing." Dev whispered. Izzy looked more mad than ever. At the world and everything in it.

"We'll get drunk on the plane. You'll feel better." Dev gave Izzy a slap on the back as if he hadn't been a complete jerk.

"Is that all you do? The drinking?" Izzy scowled as they walked down the tunnel toward another check point.

"I, mate, am enjoying life, while you on the other hand, walk around like you have cork up your arse." Dev held his head high. He acted like he was somebody then. A snooty celb, perhaps. Well, he didn't want to give a fuck about anything.

Naturally, he got through just fine. Izzy was right behind him. Again Security looked at his picture. Then at Izzy.

"Come on..come on..come on..." He breathed it like a prayer as he waited. He hoped they didn't take Izzy in to another room. He could see it happening. It would be awful. Especially, Izzy to be subjected to such shit. Izzy didn't look like trouble. Did he?

"There seems some conflicting information on your ID." The security guy mentioned.

"Oh, that. Sorry, its a typo. I swear. I'm not a female. Its just a typo. Really." Izzy looked at Dev who gave a cool smile back to the Security guy with a salute.

"I should keep you here." Security was on the mark. Naturally.

Izzy bit his bottom lip then.

"I'm awful sorry sir, really-"

The sirens went off like a fire alarm. And the Security talked into a microphone. He handed Izzy back the ID so Izzy made a run for it with Dev as if they were coming for him. Only they weren't.  Security was running the other way. Finally, they got their tickets checked and were on board.

"God, I can't get out of this place fast enough." Izzy sighed, sitting next to Dev.

"Yeah, I was pretty much thinking I was gonna have to get us a boat and just sail back or something. Wouldn't that be just fantastic?" Dev snickered with a sly smile.

"You think you're so damn funny." Izzy gave him a soured look. Finally, everything was as it was suppose to be. They were on their way, shortly. It was after they were in mid air that Dev wanted a drink.

"Come on get a vodka and juice, at least." Dev wanted to celebrate. At least they were on their way home.


fan fic said...

At least they made it through the airport.

jeremy's turn said...

I can see they are still bitter to each other.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I just wish they weren't mad at one another; you can still feel the tension. :(

ellie said...

I wonder what it'll be like when they are home.

ivy's closet said...

Hopefully all will get sorted soon.