Monday, May 10, 2010

by the minute

How would he handle this with his little sis, Beth? Izzy sat there troubled on the flight back while Dev flirted with who ever would look at him.

"You're right disgusting." Izzy scowled. "Its not like we broke up."

"Fuck." Dev was in no mood for conversation. He looked out the window instead and sipped his fancy drink.

"How much did that cost you?" Izzy saw him sucking on the ice.

"It doesn't matter. Did you have to pay for it?" Dev winced, giving him a go to hell look.

"No." Izzy swelled a frown.

"So get off my back. Will you?"

Izzy squinted hard.

"You know, I need you there with Beth. Mum's still in Amsterdam with that bloke she met on the net." Izzy reminded him.

"Jesus, I just want to fucking go home. Can't you see?" Dev fumed as he put his glass away and hugged himself.

"Right. Leave me hanging, why don't you?"

"You can do that all by your lonesome now, ya here." Dev looked about. "I see the birds eyeing you."

"Quit it." Izzy squinted.

"You noticed you're taller than me, now. So who are they gonna go for, huh?" Dev gave him a wild look.

"Shut it." Dev was making him madder by the minute. How would it ever be once they got home?


meg said...

more to get angry about.

misty said...

oh boy..those 2.

ellie said...

aw, I hope Dev will get out of this funk.

he and him said...

It'll be bad when they get home. Just know it.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Dev is such a downer sometimes. :/