Friday, May 21, 2010

strange reaction

Naturally, Dev saw how the stewardess came over and made over Izzy like he was something famous. It just made Dev furious. Birds were going for him. It pained him even more thinking of Izzy as HIM. It was just awful.

It wasn't fair. Just wasn't. How in the hell did this cruel thing even happen?

First Izzy is a girl. His girl. Now this.

Dev gave him a disgusting look. Not a feminine thing about Izzy now. Had on his damn good nickers too. Showing off a bit of a golden tan. That streaming sun licked hair. He just didn't like it.

"I miss my Izzy." Dev was overcome with tears.

"What?" Izzy wasn't even gentle about it. A great big scowl was all he got from his luv. Just wasn't natural. Not like he knew.

Dev heaved with more tears.

"Jesus! You're sauced, aren't you?" Izzy snarled with more disgust.

Dev managed to shake his head, no. He decided to have a good cry on Izzy's shoulder.

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ellie said...

dev is being a baby.