Monday, May 24, 2010

not exactly a side show

Honestly, it felt like the longest plane ride Izzy had ever had in his/her days. Dev hanging on. Blubbering like a baby.

"What's the matter with him?" Some old woman leaned over to ask Izzy.

"Just a row, you know. He lost his girl." Izzy nodded.

"You must be his best mate in all the world." The old lady clarified.

"I guess." Izzy wasn't sure what it was to Dev. Mates. Yeah, it would be good to be mates. At least. But he didn't really know for sure. Izzy tried to smile then as they came in for a landing at the airport.

"Now shake it off, Dev." Izzy whispered in Dev's ear. Of course, he was in a bit of a snor and had left most of Izzy's shoulder wet. "You got to shake it off. You will." Izzy looked him in the eye. "Beth is gonna need you now. She will. You'll have to help with her."

Dev looked at him wide eyed as if he couldn't understand a word he said.

"You think she'll go mad?" He finally said as the plane set down. Dev was holding on to him tight as Izzy looked on.

"No, she'll think I'm mad." Izzy gritted.

"She's a lil sis, she'll be just fine." Dev grinned then, like old times. Izzy knew that was wishful thinking. His sis did not like change.

Finally, the plane settled and everyone was getting up to get their things.


"What are we going to say?" Izzy knew they had all this time to make up something, but they hadn't.

"Nothing, act like you didn't notice anything happened." Dev shrugged.

"Brillant. Jus brillant." Izzy shook his head.

"Well?" Dev pushed on. "She'll be waiting."

Izzy nodded. Slowly getting his stuff. Waiting for all the other slow passengers to go by. It felt like such a long walk to find Beth. Of course, he thought they might hold him up along the way, but they didn't. Which Izzy found odd. It was all so trudging on. It was as if he/she hadn't change a bit in the big picture of it all. Passengers coming and going. Families to send them off or there to meet them.

There she was. All perky, in her sneakers. Her skinny jeans turned up to the knee. Izzy smiled when she saw the light freckles across her nose. She was such a sweet-heart. A school girl even in her early college classes. Could anyone ask for more sweetness.

Izzy saw the look on Beth's face as they approached. She lost her smile. Just a stunned look as if she didn't know him.

Naturally, she grabbed Dev quickly. "Where's my sister?" The plea in her voice made Izzy so sad.

"Right here." Dev looked over to Izzy, but Beth wouldn't let go.

"Quit being a shit, and tell me where is she? Did you leave her behind?" She glared at Dev.

"No, I told you, Izzy is right here." Dev looked over at Izzy.

"Its me, B. Really." Izzy tried to touch her, but she moved away from him as if he might be a serial killer.

"No." She was in a pain he'd never witnessed before. She hugged Dev hard. "Please, don't leave with this-this stranger."

Izzy couldn't take his eyes off Beth. What was he suppose to do now?


ellie said...

I feel so bad for izzy.

meg said...

Hopefully, his sister won't go bonkers.

axel said...

this will be interesting.

fan fic said...

haha..tell her its jet lag.

so jade said...

oh, i wonder how she'll be.

lucy and sarah said...

hoping for the best.

ari said...

hello hun :)
thanks for stopping by my blog. come back and visit soon.

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sid and violet said...

I feel for all of them.

meg said...

so want you to write more.

Suyinsays said...

write more! i love how you write! and also, is that pic effy from skins?

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Nice pic, love her eyes! :)

ayşegül said...

eyes don't tell lie : Pp

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope things work out okay. :/