Sunday, June 20, 2010

a wobble and a moment

This was shit as far as Dev was concerned.

He looked around Izzy and Beth's room. It was so girly, but he'd fucked Izzy so many times here. It was a little irry as if the act might happen with anyone now. Just because he was here.

Dev tried to look on. It was so late. He wanted to just undress and crawl into Izzy's little bed which he knew Izzy would hang off of now, quite a bit. He would too, really. His feet dangled at the end as he tried it out for a moment. Just when had their Mum gotten the bed set for them. When they were 8?

"It'll be like a sleepover." Beth nodded.

"Yes, it feels like one already." Dev mocked. He just wondered where Izzy had gone off too. Beth hadn't seemed to care, someone had too. He went to look out the window. Just the street light shown down on the sidewalk. No one in sight. He looked back at Beth. "Maybe I should go look for Izzy.'

"No. Don't." She was brushing her hair.

"That's a bit selfish, don't you think?" Dev looked at her who had changed into her gown when she was in the loo to brush her teeth.


"I should look for him." Dev nodded.

"But I need you." Beth told him. She came around and took his hand. Plopped him on Izzy's bed. Well, he was so tired. He was tired just thinking about where Izzy might be. But as his eyes gazed on Beth, Izzy he thought. Izzy. And he kissed her before he knew it. He kissed her like he would Izzy. He'd missed her so much. Her.

Finally, he looked at Beth. His eyes lit.

"I'm afraid-" He started.

"Me too." She told him.

Dev smiled then. He knew they were afraid about totally two different things.


fan fic said...

aw..poor dev.

Holly said...

The situations...he gets into. fun.

ori said...

Dev just makes me smile. I'm glad he still cares about Izzy.

ayşegül said...

he must be more cool-strong :Pp


ellie said...

hahaha..I can't but help but like him a little.

knk said...

haha coool guy interesting story ori

Cafe Fashionista said...

There's something about Dev that I simply cannot resist. :)

Fenny said...

he should be strong.

knk said...

hi ori how are you today ,

i heard something today
do u know every special incident in our life is already fixed
like , so you agree it