Friday, June 25, 2010

not quite an upgrade

Izzy wished he could stay lost, perhaps. But the warm air was so muggy. A storm was coming. Sporadic lightening veined the dark sky in the distance. He had to get home before the storm came. But then, what was it he was getting into once he was home?

It didn't feel like home, anymore. He took his time on the walk back. He walked like a whipped dog perhaps. He'd have to face the girls down at the boutique tomorrow. His job would probably be over. It was a sad thought.

He wondered what they would think of him now. How they'd be in shock. How they'd whisper among them about how could Izzy have done such a thing, gone to some faraway place for a sex change.

His teeth gnashed then in misery. How could he ever go to sleep tonight?

He got back to find Dev waiting for him in the livingroom.

"Are you all right?" Dev reached out and touched his shoulder then. Naturally, Izzy wasn't sure what to think. "Where you been?"

"Just a walk." Izzy remained even lipped. "Where's my sister?"

"Asleep." He shrugged. "Listen, I dunno if I can sleep in that wee little thing in your room."

"My bed's too small for you?"

"Christ! And even too small for you, as well." Dev slightly scowled.

"I wasn't going to sleep you, two." Izzy told him. "I was gonna take mum's bed. Its huge. King sized."

"King sized?" By that smile Dev gave him, he knew where he wanted to be.

"God, we must'n let you suffer, had we?"  Dev followed him to his mum's room once he locked up.

"SWEET!" Dev was happy to see the bed. He laid right on it.

"We should put clean covers on it." Izzy told him. "Its been ages since anyone slept here."

"Just let this bed go to waste like this, seriously? Think how we could have fucked in it, all this time." Dev reminded him.

Izzy just gave him a sullen look, knowing that wouldn't happen tonight, nor anytime from now on.


knk said...

looks dev is romatic mood

meg said...

I feel sad for Izzy.

ellie said...

I wonder how this will work out.

Cafe Fashionista said... heart goes out to Izzy. :(