Monday, July 19, 2010

an inspiration

Izzy choked down his third cup of coffee. He'd decided he had nothing in his closet to wear. What could he wear to a boutique? Cross-dress? He didn't think so.

"I need a new wardrobe." But he didn't really want Dev's help. He looked destitute in his mum's robe. Naturally, it didn't phase him a bit.

"What can I do about it? Raid my room, is that it?" Dev was digging in the fridge for any bits to eat. He managed with some eggs then for a sandwich.

Izzy looked a the ceiling then. Mum had Dad's stuff still upstairs. There had to be suit. He wore a suit everyday.

"You want some protein, don't you?" Dev called for Izzy who went to the thin hallway. Dev went back to the stove and heated up butter in the skillet then, to fry eggs.

"Not hungry." Izzy reached for the door in the ceiling and sprung the little stair case. It was there he found the boxes of clothes mum never tossed. There were all sorts of fine suits packed away. He found black ones, striped one, and finally a very fine gray one, that almost looked silver. He got dressed then in the mauve shirt he found. The pants were a good fit and then he saw the floral bow tie with a hint of green in it. A smile finally took over as he pushed his finger back through his mop of hair. Now he needed shoes. Thankfully, he found his father's wing tipped shoes, white and black. Really, his father would possibly never know what a god-scent he was. He hadn't rang him up in ages. He got the attic back in order and made his way back to the kitchen, springing the door, up as it was.

"You seriously think they'll take you seriously?" Dev winced.

"I dunno." Izzy was willing to find out.

"Make up a good story, will you?" Dev pointed the spatula at him.

"Don't worry, I won't mention you." Izzy slyly smiled.

"Wait a minute?" Dev squinted, but Izzy didn't wait. He was on his way out the door. "You think its my fault, don't you? For fuck's sake, man! Tell me you don't think, its me?" Dev called after him. But there was no turning back. Izzy was on his way to work.

Next thing he knew he was on the bus. He made it to the shops five minutes before opening.

"Am I late?" He had his own key to the back entrance. Abby was already there, making a brew. As always, she went on with her morning speech about what a fine day it was and how it would be spectacular, but then she got a good look at Izzy coming in from the sunlight and her jaw dropped open.

"Izzy? Is it you?" She tensed.

"Yes." Izzy remained even lip.

"Is that your father's suit?" She came closer and touched the lapel.

"Yes." He looked the old woman over with her shocking red hair. Perhaps she'd gone blind since he'd last seen her.

"My, don't you look handsome." She gave him a sweet smile.

Izzy cleared his throat.

"You know, maybe that's all we really need around here. A man's touch to get us through the day." She giggled then as if she might make a sign and put it in the store window. Izzy couldn't help but smile.

"You think?" He looked at her seriously.

"I guess we'll find out. " She went to get him a brew then.

"Aren't you going to ask-" She was out of ear shot now. Izzy thought he wouldn't question it.

"Miley ran away." She told him then when she handed over the cup of tea.

"Sorry." He could see she was heartbroken over her tabby.

"Norrie found her bloke on the net. She upped and got married, and she's moving to Paris." She looked sad about that too.

"Anything else happen while I was away?" He stared her tired old face.

"I made a few cutbacks. I had too. But I need you, Izzy. I do. You were tops, you know. You think you can sell anything today?" She sipped her tea then as if she might be the queen.

"I dunno." Izzy sighed.

Abby pressed her lips tight. He knew she really loved rainbows and so wanted to find what was at the end of it, and he was certain now...she didn't have that many days left to search for a pot of gold. It was as if it were all going to shit, instead.


ellie said...

aw, great stuff!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I feel bad for Abby. :(

lucy and sarah said...

really, am happy that she's glad to see him.

ori said...

I'm glad he went to work.

Anonymous said...

Good story :)

Keith said...

Good he went to work.