Thursday, December 23, 2010

on a night like tonight

It was true. The holidays were the loneliest time of the year. Dev was feeling it. He had never gone this long with out sex in his life.

Not that he was an old timer at this sort of thing, but still he'd been normally active since thirteen. Not that he ever  remembered telling Izzy any of this. It was best to keep it quite uncomplicated.

"I just remember her being the best." He told some drunk at the bar that he was tending too. "I can't quite recall the others. It was rather quick, you know." He bit a grin as if that was rather stupid, when he thought on it. But he was just a kid. And well, it had been a long few months wasting away with Izzy. Getting all situated in life again. He was just a friend. And then there was Izzy's sis that he definitely didn't want to get complicated with even if she wished he would.

He'd look around at all the pretties gathering around for a drink. Looking him over. Being a tease. It was all the more uncomfortable. Must he be there for Izzy every waking da?. It wasn't getting them anywhere, now was it?

So when he caught Izzy speaking to some bird, he thought he might take his chance and talk it up with the red head who kept eying him. Her name was Gillian and she was quite fond of listening to his laugh. It was a bit of comfort in fact. But could he? Would he feel all right if he went home with her this night? He had to look for Izzy. Yes, he was chatting it up with the dark haired leggy female.

Dev sucked in a breath wondering if he knew what to do in the aftermath.


ellie said...

OH NO..say it ain't so. I don't want it to happen.

molly said...

Could this really be the end.

lucy and sarah said...

aw, I hate to see it go like that. Dev being bad in a one night stand..just because

meg said...

Dev just wants to cause trouble.

Cafe Fashionista said...

No. Please don't let this happen! :(

She is Sara said...

Aww, this is sad!